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Rosie's Song

Rosie's Song  was an illustration project I did this past summer. Here is a little about it:

When Rosie the sea star’s roving brothers get caught out in a storm, she fears they are lost forever. Filled with determination and worry, she sets out on her own adventure to find them and almost gets lost herself - before ending back right where she began, in the loving embrace of her family. Rosie’s Song tells a story of family love, wrapped up with a quiet message of ocean conservation and courage.

Woodrat Jill

Woodrat Jill Was an earlier illustration project  Here is a little about it:


'A charming and delightfully sweet children’s nature book set in a wildlife refuge, Woodrat Jill by Nicky Laak is an interdisciplinary educational reader with bold, interpretive illustrations by award-winning nature artist Deb LaFogg-Docherty. Loads of fun and engaging, real wildlife animal adventures introduce young readers to the wonderful, wondrous world of nature. A rich celebration of plants, animals, and all things wild, this magical narrative helps children understand the importance of protecting all sorts of creatures and the earth’s natural resources. This book also celebrates the diversity at the heart of the fight to save endangered species from extinction; it shares the adventures of two wily and wooly woodrats named Jill and Pedro and a crocodile named Chrissy Croc, all of whom have a good bit of fun and a few harrowing brushes with danger over the course of two days in the wild.

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