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This page features the progress of paintings I'm working on.


This is mounted 400 grit Uart paper. The size is 24" x 20"

I start with a loose drawing of my subject. It came from two separate photos provided by the pets owner.

I choose to work direct, applying the colors and values I see with very little under painting.

Day 2: I wanted to firm up the top background and get to the best part for me, the sweet face of my subject.

I have many ways of working the image. I can start from top to bottom, left to right or putting in colors and like values throughout the painting as I go. This image is mostly from top to bottom.

Day 3: Spent time defining the face. I wanted to give it more dimension.

Day 4: I had a long time to paint this day. Worked on finishing top background and building the body of the dog. I have been adding greens to the dogs coat connecting him to the surrounding environment. While I'm not working on this painting I have others I switch to. By doing that I keep my eyes fresh for seeing errors and things I want to change.

Day 5: Finished off the Background and the last of the dog. This is what a proof would look like when it is sent via email. This is when the painting is approved or small changes can be made.

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