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Testimonials from past clients


I commissioned Deb LaFogg to do a pastel portrait of my beloved Molly McGee. I am blessed to have met such a talented artist.

Believe me, I am way more than just impressed. Deb captured her beautiful eyes and brought them to life. This is a work of art I will treasure forever. Missing my Molly.

Thank you so much Deb LaFogg for creating such a beautiful memorial to my beloved Molly.

Darlene Miller Rodman



Pastel on Archival Pastel Paper

Deb LaFogg is a gifted artist and an outstanding teacher. As a student in two sessions of Exploring Possibilities in Pastels, I have experienced that Deb attends to each student's needs to help the individual meet his/her potential. Her lessons are well thought out, creative, and inspiring. She introduces her students to a variety of materials and techniques and is generous with her knowledge, her resources and her encouragement. It is obvious she loves her art and sharing her expertise.

Classes are fun! whether it's learning to underpaint, how to properly sharpen pencils, frame your work, make your own paper, or "see" the color in everyday sights. Deb is able to help her students achieve their goals in painting pastel.

Deb is a positive and helpful critic who has an appreciation for the efforts of her students. It has been a pleasure to be in her classes and I will not hesitate to continue as her student.

          – Susan Gartman, Boynton Beach FL

I have taken a number of drawing and painting classes over the years. When I saw Deb's  beautiful pastels at this year’s Las Olas Art Fair, I was elated to learn that you teach art classes at The Creative Arts School in Old School Square, and I had to sign up for your class! I enjoyed her pastel course so much that I registered for another session. I like her easygoing approach to teaching the principles and techniques of working with pastels. She gives just the right amount of instruction, handholding and encouragement to make everyone in the class successful.

          -David Z. Greenseid

As a student in Deb's pastel class I've been able to build upon skills that I already have in a relaxed, fun and supportive environment. Perviously my experience had been with still life, however learning about landscape painting, application of pastels and underpainting opened up a new world of possibilities for me. I would definitely recommend this class to students of all levels.


            - Renee Kashdar

Testimonials from Students

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